EU Privacy

Dear guest!

The EU has adopted a new personal data directive, General Data Protection Regulation.

In this connection, we are required to ask you if we can store your personal data in our customer records beyond the permitted year, as well as other uses.

We want to save the information to our internal statistics, as well as our partners, to provide even better service. Our partners are other statistics and sales programs that we use to optimize our service.

We will not sell your information to companies for the purpose of targeting their advertisements or the like.

The personal data is your contact information, as well as history with us - no social security number or payment information.

We would appreciate if we can take care of your contact information.

Click here if you wish to keep your information in our catalog.

You may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you are unhappy with the handling of your data, you may appeal to the Data Inspectorate.